Immunization Schedule

Immunizations are a proven way of preventing the most common serious communicable diseases of childhood. In accordance with the guidelines established through the American Academy of Pediatrics and the United States Public Health Service, we feel every child should receive these important vaccines.

This is the suggested schedule of immunizations according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.




Child Development Guide

Ages and Stages

Children go through a gradual process of maturation, growth and development over the years of their childhood. Sometimes we can

hit a rough patch where our child is exhibiting some unwanted behavior and we're finding it really stressful. Knowing (as is probably

the case) that it's just a normal part of that stage should make it a little easier to cope with.


Each Child is an Individual

Please take note that every child is different and develops at different rates and has different strengths and weaknesses. The information on the chart is only given as a general guideline of average ages for different stages. If you have concerns about your

child you should talk to your child's doctor. Child development chart is useful to have to give you a brief overview of the various ages and stages of child development. This will help you to understand your child's behavior and avoid burdening him with unrealistic expectations. 


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