It is our goal at Phillips Pediatrics to provide the highest level of medical care regardless of insurance companies’ reimbursement policies. We believe that parents have a responsibility to comply with their physician’s recommended medical protocols. If you're wondering which health insurance policy is right for you, we have written a blog post with some helpful guidelines.


Which insurance plans do we take?

We accept almost all major insurance plans and many of the smaller ones. It is best to call our business office for specifics about your plan.Insurance companies’ websites and online information about available providers are, as you may have discovered, frequently out of date. If you have a plan that we don’t cover, perhaps we need to consider it. Let us know.



Aetna Most Plans: See Below (call your insurance provider to verify we are in your network)










United Healthcare (Community Plan)



It is always best to contact your insurance provider to determine if our physicians are in their network. With the recent changes coming from Healthcare Reform,  Please contact the insurance carrier and ask if we are in your network.


Newborn and Insurance

Many new parents are unsure how insurance works for their new baby. Most insurance plans will cover the baby automatically for the first 30 days under mom's policy, but not all do. Contact your insurance company customer service department and your HR department about what's required to add the baby to your policy.


Applicable Fees

We bill insurance companies with whom we are participating providers. Deductibles and copayments are due at the time of your visit. Please respond promptly to any claim inquiries sent to you by your insurance company. A prompt response will eliminate the balance reverting to your responsibility.


For questions, call us at 718-469-1900 and ask to speak to our billing department, fax us at 718-469-1902, or send an email to




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