There are a few true pediatric emergencies that are best handled in an Emergency Room as they have the staff and resources available to tend to your child’s medical needs in an acute situation. At Phillips Pediatrics we are more than happy to handle many urgent conditions that arise, but for your child’s safety our physician staff will sometimes direct you to an Emergency Room. These will include situations that may require emergency allergic reaction treatment, trauma requiring prompt x-ray or surgery consult, severe airway and breathing problems, severe head trauma, and cuts needing stitches.

These and other such situations may undergo dangerous delay by calling us or coming here first. Our strongest interest is your child’s well-being and safety, and in these rare instances the best place for your child is an Emergency Room. Please contact your local emergency response dispatch by dialing 911. We will always follow up with your ER visit to ensure that we are kept abreast on the situation and care being provided.

Same Day Sick Visit

Phillips Pediatrics offers same-day sick visits for urgent medical concerns such as fevers, ear infections, diarrhea, nausea, asthma, allergic reactions and more. Children or Adolescents, who are ill and wish to be seen, will be scheduled for sick appointments during normal office hours.


If you wish to schedule an appointment, please call on the day you want your child to be seen and we will

schedule a time for you. Our office opens at 9 am to schedule appointments. Sick visits for chronic complaints usually require more physician time than an acute problem. When you call, please tell the scheduler if the problem has been recent or long standing.  


To schedule a same day sick visit, call our office and speak to our reception staff early in the day to request a same day appointment. Call (718) 469-1900. If you need to have more than one child seen, we ask that you schedule all children. Without a scheduled time, we will be unable to add on additional siblings. It is very important to us to allow sufficient time to address your concerns and be fair to those with scheduled appointments to follow.




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